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At Recoversell we firmly believe in total transparency around performance - and that includes sharing genuine feedback from our existing clients.

We recognise that every business is different and offer a number of different configuration options.

Don't just take our word for it - here is what our clients and importantly their customers are saying about Recoversell.

Client:  Multi-Channel TV Shopping Retailer

The Client


The client operates 3 order channels:

  - Web (2 Sites)

  - Telephone Ordering Service

  - IVR (an automated telephone ordering solution)

Existing checkout (or drop-out for the 2 telephone based channels) rates were being monitored using the clients in-house technology, and a standard eCommerce basket abandonment  program was in operation.

Using the existing client abandonment data and creating custom feeds into the Recoversell dedicated concierge team, the Recoversell configured outbound timing slots, carefully configured to maximise value to the consumer.

In addition to recovering lost sales, Recoversell were also able to identify, quantify and highlight ongoing technology issues that could be addressed by the clients development team.

"Recoversell implemented their solution within a week of signing the contract, utilising their own concierge agents and focusing on our Web and IVR channels.  I'm delighted to say that after the first 4 weeks we had already seen over £300,000 in recovered gross orders." - Frances Busby, MD

Average Recoversell Conversion Rate:

Average Connect Rate:

Average Recovered Order Value:




"Thank you for call as I was facing a lot of trouble placing the order on the website"

"Thank you so much for your help, I am so glad that you called up"

"I am so glad that you rang back as I was so disappointed"

"Thank you for sorting this out for me, I am glad that you helped me place the order before it was sold out"

"Thank you helping me place the order, I was upset that the product was no longer available on website due to low stocks"

"I am so glad that you called and helped me place the order using my voucher"

"Thank you calling us back, not sure why the call automated system could not proceed."

Client Customer Feedback

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